Social Customer Care is on its Way.

How is your team coping?

With the traffic...

The noise...

And the opportunities.

47% of social media users have used social care.

42% expect a response within an hour.

Yet 70% of requests for service in social go unanswered.

How is your business being impacted?

SocialOptimizr is a Best-in-Class

Social Customer Care Platform

  · PATENTED FILTERING TECHNOLOGY sifts out the junk, prioritizes and categorizes what's actionable

  · Unique INDUSTRY SPECIFIC FILTERS for Airlines, Banks, Telcos

  · Agent RESPONSE ASSISTANT and KNOWLEDGE BASE enable team collaboration, facilitating improved response times and rates

  · Contact Center Specific REPORTS and ANALYTICS deliver insights and allow for system optimization

Video — SocialOptimizr Secret Sauce and Feature Summary

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Solariat has been acquired by Genesys and Social Optimizr will be soon
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